What is Rekki


With Rekki’s help selling and buying hardly used clothes from valued brands is easy, smart and safe.

Have your cupboards begun to fill up with unnecessary clothes and accessories that you want to get rid of easily and fast? Sell them with our help. Rekki gives your clothes a new purpose and allows you to sell them effortlessly.

Rekki’s online store sells hardly used, good quality and carefully picked clothes from valued brands affordably and safely. Rekki’s vast selection of products can be filtered, just like at any other online store, to make fantastic, unique finds.

We at Rekki want all of the forgotten clothes to come back into circulation and want to make this process as effortless as possible for the consumer. More clothes are being produced than used worldwide. From the point of view of the environment, this situation is unsustainable. Together we want to create a new, more sustainable consumption culture.

Join us in making the useless useful again!

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